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Introduction to my services.

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Inevitably our skin will age. Along the way it reveals youth and maturity, years of summer sun

and winter wind, remnants of teenage acne and scars from skin cancer excisions and surgeries, stretch marks from pregnancy, weight or muscle gain and hosts hair, especially the unwanted kind on your face. Basically your skin tells the story of your life.

The question is, how do you slow the process of aging without compromising your natural look?

That is the capability of Laser Rejuvenation with my Aerolase Neo Laser. It is key in utilizing

your body’s ability to heal, restore and diminish the aging process.

How will you feel when your sun damaged skin has been repaired or your upper lip is smooth

and hair free? How will you feel when your lips are naturally fuller from the collagen building

effect of laser treatments? How will you feel when your broken capillaries no longer redden your checks or your acne scars are softened?

All of these treatments are available simultaneously in a single visit with me. Will you need more than one treatment? In all probability, yes. How many treatments is something we work on together. At your request I will be happy to offer you a sensible, affordably priced package.

I promise that you will look forward to your treatments knowing that you are healing your skin in the most responsible way with the most innovative, patented, medical laser available.

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