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Hair Removal

                            HAIR  REMOVAL : WHAT  TO EXPECT

     Hair grows in 3 stages: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Hair can only be  destroyed in the Anagen (growing stage) phase. 

● The average time between treatments i s normally 3-4 weeks. Some individuals have a shorter growing stage so treatment is recommended between 2-3 weeks.

● As the Aerolase Neo Laser removes unwanted hair it simultaneously treats ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

● It may take a few treatments before you see results as hair begins to come back slower and sparser.

● It may take up to 12 visits to obtain clearance depending on the area being treated, skin and hair color, and especially the fluctuation of hormones.

● Laser hair removal with the Aerolase Neo i s not painless but it is very tolerable and doesn’t require a topical analgesic for comfort.

● Please do not shave before a treatment. With the Aerolase Neo a “stubble” is required.

● The process is quick. Most treatments take under 20 minutes.

● Do not wax, tweeze or bleach the area being lasered. It will impede the process.

● There i s no downtime. You can immediately shower, shave and resume your normal routine.

● Do not sunbathe for a week after a treatment.

● You can have a treatment with a tan, the laser settings can be adjusted.

● The Aerolase Neo is compatible with any skin tone but not every hair color. Light blonde, red and white hairs do not respond to laser treatments.

● Don’t expect 100% clearance. On average we all have 100,00 hairs per square inch. There  is always a chance new hairs will activate due to fluctuating hormones.

● You cannot have a laser treatment if you are taking photosensitive medication,  including antibiotics and Retinol A. Medication or topicals must stop 2 weeks before a treatment.


Prior to your first visit, whether for laser hair removal or an aesthetic treatment, you need to avoid direct sun exposure for at least a week. If you have tanned, please advise us so that we can adjust the settings of the laser.

Laser hair removal with LightPod Neo brings new levels of clinical efficacy with MicroPulse-1064 technology. No skin cooling is needed regardless of skin type.

Laser Hair Removal With Light Pod NEO
Post Op Treatment


If you experience any swelling or redness after a treatment a cool compress will alleviate your discomfort.  Avoid sunbathing for 1 week. 

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